About Victoria Mutual

The Victoria Mutual Group

The Victoria Mutual Group operates on the principles of "Mutuality" and is made up of a network of financial and other related services provided through our four member and affiliated companies aimed at meeting all the financial needs of our Members and clients. Our suite of products and services includes savings, mortgages, wealth management, money transfer, real estate and general insurance.

The Board of Directors


Michael A. McMorris, B.A., Chairman

Mr. McMorris has been a member of the Board for over five years. He is Principal of the business management firm KRONOS Limited. KRONOS specializes in new venture development and private equity, and includes among its areas of expertise...

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JUDITH ROBINSON, Ph.D., F.C.C.A., F.C.A., Deputy Chairman

Judith Robinson, Ph.D

Dr. Judith Robinson is a Management Consultant and retired Chartered Accountant, who serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Victoria Mutual Building Society, Chairman of its Audit Committee, member of the Finance and Risk Management Committee, and Chairman of its subsidiary, Prime Asset Management Limited...

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Courtney Campbell, MBA. (Distinction), ACIB., B.Sc., JP
President and Chief Executive Officer

Courtney Campbell, MBA. (Distinction), ACIB., B.Sc., JP President and Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished and dynamic banking executive with over two decades of strategic leadership experience and a strong track record in business growth and improving general business performance...

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Paul Pennicook, B. Sc.

Mr. Paul Pennicook is a Graduate of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. An experienced Hotelier, Mr. Pennicook started his career at the at the Montego Beach Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica...

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Brian Goldson, M.B.A., B. Sc.

Brian Goldson, M.B.A., B. Sc.

Mr Brian Goldson is an experienced and innovative business leader with expertise in the areas of finance and strategic management. He was appointed to the Board of the Victoria Mutual Building Society in 2013....

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Noel DaCosta, C.D.

Mr. Noel DaCosta was appointed to the Board of Directors in January 2006. He is currently a consultant, and previously was the Corporate Relations Director for Central America and the Caribbean at DIAGEO. He also held senior...

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JEANNE P. ROBINSON- FOSTER, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B (Hons.), C.L.E.

Jeanne P. Robinson-Foster, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B (Hons.), C.L.E.

Mrs. Jeanne P. Robinson-Foster studied at the University of the West Indies where she earned a Bachelorsof Arts degree, followed by a Bachelors of Law and the Certificate of Legal Education...

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George Dougall, M.B.A., B. Sc.

Mr. Dougall is an Electrical Engineer, who is currently the proprietor and Managing Director of Dougall Flooring Ltd., a woodwork manufacturing organization. His previous engagements included the Managing Directorship...

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SANDRA M. SHIRLEY, M.B.A., B Sc. (Hons.)

Sandra M. Shirley, M.B.A., B Sc. (Hons.)

Ms. Sandra Shirley joins the Board with extensive experience spanning over 20 years in wealth management, trust banking, strategic planning and implementation in the United States and the Caribbean. Ms. Shirley is...

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Matthew Wright, M. Phil., M.A., B.A.

Mr. Matthew Wright is the Principal of IWC Capital Management LLC, a New York based private equity firm specializing in multi-family residential and commercial real estate investments in New York City. Mr. Wright has over 13 years...

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KERI-GAYE BROWN, LL.B, Senior Vice-President, Group Legal, Compliance & Corporate Secretary

Keri-Gaye Brown, LL.B, Senior Vice-President, Group Legal, Compliance & Corporate Secretary

Keri-Gaye Brown joined the Victoria Mutual Family in August 2010 as Senior Vice-President, Group Legal, Compliance...

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