About Our Communities

Victoria Mutual continues to maintain its sponsorship of a number of activities that not only generate national appeal and pride, but continue to have a significant impact on youth and community development, the promotion of character building, family life and, by extension, social stability in our nation.

VM Caribbean Challenge (Cricket) Cup Competition

The Victoria Mutual Caribbean Challenge (Cricket) Cup Competition has been an important avenue through which we, at VMBS, have been able to stay in touch with our valued customers and friends in the UK. We are also aware that in sponsoring this competition, we are playing an important role in providing opportunities for training and developing the skills of West Indian players who have a passion for the sport.

Victoria Mutual is pleased that many who have aspirations of playing a major role in the future of West Indian Cricket regard their participation in this competition as a step towards achieving that goal. Equally, we are happy that even those who may never be able to play for the elite West Indies Team can demonstrate their love of the game through their involvement in this Competition.

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