About Our Communities

Victoria Mutual continues to maintain its sponsorship of a number of activities that not only generate national appeal and pride, but continue to have a significant impact on youth and community development, the promotion of character building, family life and, by extension, social stability in our nation.

Financial Forums & Workshops

In response to the effects of the global recession on the Jamaican society, Victoria Mutual has introduced a series of Financial Seminars geared towards providing sound financial advice to help persons in a period of economic uncertainty, to develop practical tools for saving and investing in order to achieve their financial goals.

A series of personalized financial workshops were also organized by Victoria Mutual to create awareness and improve the financial habits of those in attendance. During the sessions, the company's financial advisors introduced the principles of planning, preparation and preservation and the importance of personal financial forecasting.

These small group presentations focus on real-life situations pertaining to family budgets and living within one's means, and included budgeting and managing monthly expenses. The sessions outline the importance of setting goals, creating multiple sources of income, debt management, risk mitigation and the benefits of having a professional financial advisor. No two person's financial circumstances are identical and this setting provides the added incentive for one-on-one advice.

In keeping with the company's commitment to contribute to the development of Jamaicans, Victoria Mutual will continue to organize events which will ultimately lead to the improvement of person's financial well being.

The Home of Financial Independence