About Our Communities

Victoria Mutual continues to maintain its sponsorship of a number of activities that not only generate national appeal and pride, but continue to have a significant impact on youth and community development, the promotion of character building, family life and, by extension, social stability in our nation.

Community Outreach - United Way of Jamaica

Each year, Victoria Mutual participates in the Donor Option Programme of the United Way of Jamaica. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, the Society was acknowledged as the highest corporate donor and presented with a Jupiter Award for its continual contribution. The Donor Option Programme allows the Society to give to over 75 charities in several areas of national importance including health, education, sports, youth and community development.

The Society's Scholarship Programme is also administered through United Way's Donor Option Programme where members are awarded scholarships, bursaries and grants annually to assist with their academic and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The United Way of Jamaica is an affiliate of the United Way International and is registered with the Government of Jamaica as a non-profit private voluntary organization.

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