About Victoria Mutual

The Victoria Mutual Group

The Victoria Mutual Group operates on the principles of "Mutuality" and is made up of a network of financial and other related services provided through our four member and affiliated companies aimed at meeting all the financial needs of our Members and clients. Our suite of products and services includes savings, mortgages, wealth management, money transfer, real estate and general insurance.

Prime Asset Management Limited

Prime Asset Management Limited was formed in 1996, as a division of Prime Life Assurance Company Limited, and eventually evolved to become a stand-alone entity. Prime Asset is proud to be the sole independent pension fund manager in Jamaica and the 3rd largest provider of pension fund services in Jamaica.

A fully owned subsidiary of the Victoria Mutual Group, the company offers a full range of pension services including:

  • Pension Investment Management
  • Administration
  • Member Education
  • Pensions Consultancy
  • All things Pensions

Funds under Management

Our growth of Funds under Management (FUM) has been driven by our clients’ confidence in our ability to deliver value. As at December 2012, total FUM was J$20.5B, for a client base of 7,900 members. The company continues to experience growth, driven mainly through rigorous asset allocation strategies and by performance across all assets.

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